Follow Our Fun Educational Youtube Series 'Adventures of the Tasty Vites' !
 Episode 1 -  Meet Super Vitamin B - Learn about Vitamin B foods & benefits, go on an educational adventure with Sofia! Fun educational Youtube series about vitamins and their uses, benefits, and food sources.
Episode 2 - Meet Professor Choline & Help Sofia With Her Basic Math Addition Sums.
Episode 3 Learn about Vitamins and the benefits of Biotin in Ms Biotin's cooking class :)
Episode 4 - Professor NIACINE explains the benefits & sources of Vitamin Niacin.
Episode 5 - Join Sofia as she explores the wonderful world of Vitamin E. Discover the benefits and sources of this essential nutrient in an engaging and informative adventure.
Episode 6 - Join Sofia on another exciting adventure as she explores the world of Vitamin D. Discover the sources and incredible benefits of this essential nutrient in an engaging and educational journey. Learning becomes an adventure with Sofia!